20something. relentlessly wandering.

I like wine a lot, OK?? 

I need to lose the work shirt though. D

Pigeon Point Lighthouse Stormy Day | Pescadero, California, USA (by Mike Mezeul II Photography)

Me packing lunch

Rainy Day Daydream

I absolutely fucking despise my neighbors’ kids. They’re loud, they start fights with other neighbors, they leave their shit in my backyard, they’re reckless to the point where I’ve almost lost some plants and UGH.

Right now, they’re digging holes in the empty lot directly next to my house with absolutely no volume control.

I want to leave flaming bags of shit on their front porches.


Image: Writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Paco Junquera/Getty Images)
Today’s top book news item:
Gabriel García Márquez left behind an unpublished manuscript when he died last week at age 87, Cristobal Pera, editorial director of Penguin Random House Mexico, told The Associated Press. Pera added that Marquez’s family has not yet decided whether to publish it.
Meanwhile, the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia published an extract of the work, tentatively titled We’ll See Each Other in August (En agosto nos vemos). In the excerpt, a middle-aged woman named Ana Magdalena Bach has a fling during her annual trip to a tropical island to put flowers on her mother’s grave. She stays at a hotel overlooking a lagoon full of herons. Ana, though she’s married, meets a man at the hotel and begins an affair with him. The excerpt has a strong sense of place — García Márquez’s descriptions are lush with flowers and tropical life – and a ripple of eroticism travels through it, from the touch of perfume Ana puts behind her ear at the beginning of the chapter to the thunderstorm during her encounter with the man from the hotel.